About Lakeview

Lakeview Church of Christ is a diverse community seeking to serve God in Uptown Chicago. We are a warm and inviting Church sincerely committed to ministry among all of God’s people. Lakeview offers the opportunity to use your gifts to the fullest and is a place where you can belong and grow in Christ.

Statement of Belief

At Lakeview we believe in unity in essentials and diversity in non-essentials.  We believe Christians can unite around a core of common beliefs while maintaining a diversity of opinions on other issues.  
Our beliefs in common are:

We acknowledge Jesus as the Way, the Truth and the Life; through His death, burial, resurrection, and enthronement, God acted for His people in fulfillment of His promises. We have publicly proclaimed our acceptance of that grace through water baptism by immersion and we have been raised up to walk through life as a new people, empowered by God’s Holy Spirit. We are committed to seeking a deeper relationship with God, we recognize the Bible as God’s authoritative word, and we look forward to the day of Jesus’ return. Though redeemed as a result of God’s action for us through His Son, we are not perfect. In obedient response to God’s grace, we lead lives of service by actively engaging in fellowship with the family and working in the city of Chicago to influence all people of every background for God’s Kingdom.


What is expected of a member at Lakeview?

  • Worship – Worship God with other Christians
  • Service – Serve others as Jesus served
  • Purity – Commit to personal purity for the glory and honor of God
  • Spiritual growth – Seek Spirit-led growth through personal and corporate devotion, study, and prayer
  • Love – Be gracious to one another and be accountable to one another
  • Encouragement – Support and build-up those around you
  • Proclamation – Share the good news in word and deed
  • Stewardship – Be a good steward of God-given talents and resources

Acts of Worship

Our weekly Sunday morning worship services blend traditional acts of worship such as corporate prayer, singing, communion, and preaching with elements that are unique to Lakeview, such as Praise Time, a time of mutual encouragement when we pass the microphone around in order for people to share publicly the ways in which God has blessed them throughout the week. We also have a weekly communion service during which we try to inject depth and intentionality into our celebration around the Lord’s table. 

Fellowship and Dress

Lakeview cherishes members and visitors from a variety of ethnic and socio-economic backgrounds, and our worship services are correspondingly diverse. Dress is casual at our family-friendly church, and we consider the time leading up to and following our service an opportunity to meet visitors and fellowship.  

Worship Participants

We are a gender-inclusive church, so you can expect that women will be active participants in our worship service, just as they are in our leadership. The best way to get a sense of who we are, of course, is to simply come and worship God with us. We look forward to meeting and worshiping with you.